Mini Storage Auctions: Pros and Cons of Reselling Online

Are you looking to make money with the buying and reselling of items acquired through a mini storage auction? If so, you may find reselling those items online to be the easiest approach, but is it the best choice?

One downside to reselling mini storage auction goods online is that you are often charged a fee for doing so. Many popular third-party websites, like, charge you multiple fees. If you do opt for selling online, keep track of your fees. At the end, deduct them from the money made to see if you are really making a profit. If not, it may be time to examine other methods of reselling.

Pros and Cons of Selling Storage Auction Items Online

Although most online marketplaces will charge you a fee, not all websites do. For example, there is Technically, they are considered an online classified website. Meaning you post stuff for sale to local buyers. You always can add in your listing that you will ship out for a reasonable fee, depending on the destination.

Another downside to selling online is that not all items you purchased at a mini store auction can be shipped. It does depend on what you resell. As a reminder, you can list your items for sale on Craigslist, but request that buyers pickup their buys. With eBay, your buyer may be local, but there is an even better chance they live across the country. So, make sure items that you plan to sell online and ship are able to be transported through the United States Postal Service or another mail carrier.

In keeping with shipping, outline your plan right online. You can still list large items, like furniture, for sale on, but you may want to choose pickup only. This option is best if you live in or around a large city. Since not all interested buyers will be local, large pieces of furniture should be sold locally. To ensure you do not lose money, do not offer to deliver unless you charge a fee or know the destination ahead of time. With the high cost of gasoline, this can significantly reduce your profits.

You also need to be concerned with scams. If you use a well-known online marketplace, like, you should be okay. However, if you find someone on who wants you to ship his or her purchases, be cautious of a common check cashing scam. That scam involves sending you a check for more than the amount due and requesting you send back the difference. These checks are always bad.

Despite the possibility of a scam, it is usually safe to sell online. Why? Because many consumers pay for their purchases with PayPal now, especially on eBay. PayPal provides you with protection. Never accept cash because it is too risky. What if a buyer claims you stole their money, when they never actually mailed you any money? The only time you should accept a cash payment is if you list your items for sale on Craigslist or another online classified ad and the buyer comes to your home to pay and make a pickup.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of reselling your mini storage auction treasures online is the audience that you reach. eBay is very popular online and your listings can receive thousands of views, which is more browsers than you tend to get when hosting a yard sale.  So, even though not all merchandise can be sold online, you do still stand to make a profit.   If you do have further interest in eBay, go here to learn how to Make Money with Storage Auctions and and eBay.

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